Culinary Art's Specialties
“At Culinary Art’s Specialties, Inc., our team works to provide the retail and food service industries with innovative food products at fair market prices. We understand the needs of our customers and pride ourselves on delivering excellent quality, service, and customer satisfaction. As a corporation, we interact with our clients, suppliers, and the community in a fair and ethical manner. As an employer, we strive to provide a work environment that fosters teamwork and employee empowerment thus leading to a meaningful and inspiring workplace.”

Culinary Art’s Specialties Inc. Quality Program includes:

Quality Policy
Quality Manual
Good Manufacturing Practices
Organizational Chart
Pest Control Program & Documentation
HACCP Plan(s) / CCP Programs
Environmental Control Programs
Water Potability Records
Backflow Prevention devices (locations and inspections)
Training Programs and Records
Laboratory Manual
Process Flow Diagrams
Work Instructions/Job Descriptions
Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures
Master Sanitation /Cleaning Schedule Program
MSDS Sheets
Chemical Control
Food Security Program
Preventive Maintenance/Work Order Program
Lubricant Control
Microbiological Testing Program and Results
Analytical Testing Program and Results
Sensory Evaluation Program
Facility Equipment and Change Control Procedures
Method & Formulation Change Procedures
Allergen Program
Glass and Brittle Plastic Control Policy
Raw Material and Finished Goods Specifications
Calibration Records for Process and Equipment
Foreign Material Control Program
Pathogen Environmental Monitoring Program and Results
Food Security- Bioterrorism Preventions
Raw Material, In-Process and Finished Products Testing Records
In-Bound/Out-Bound Inspection Procedures and Records
Vendor Quality Approval System
Material Coding and Traceability Procedures
Mock Recall Records/Reports
Recall Procedures and Documentation
Crisis Management Program
Nonconforming Material Control Procedures
Continuous Improvement Program
Internal Auditing Program
Consumer Complaint Handling Program
Label Approval Program
Regulatory Compliance Program
Management of the Regulatory Inspection Process

In addition to our Quality Program:

  • Culinary Art’s Specialties is inspected 3 times yearly by New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets
  • Culinary Art’s Specialties is registered and inspected yearly by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • Culinary Art’s Specialties is inspected quarterly by our Rabbinical Supervisor, Rabbi Moshe Taub of the Buffalo VA’AD Hakashrus.
  • Culinary Art’s Specialties contracts 3rd party auditors to perform Food Safety and Quality Audits on a yearly basis:
    Our recent 3rd party audit was performed by AIB and it was a GMA-SAFE (Grocery Manufactures Association-Supplier Assessments for Food Excellence) Audit, prior to that we had an NSF International Cook and Thurber audit:
    The GMA-SAFE Audit consists of approximately 630 questions to be answered by the auditor. It provides sufficient information to any audit user to determine whether the inspected facility meets the needs of a company’s, an association’s or a personal consultant’s standards/requirements. The data can be sorted, scored and analyzed for trends by any user through a sophisticated set of web-based electronic tools. NSF-Cook & Thurber is the leading provider of comprehensive food safety services for the food, beverage, animal feed, and packaging industries. NSF-Cook & Thurber has a thorough understanding of the food industry, its issues, needs, and requirements. NSF-Cook & Thurber has professional staff that is industry-trained and experienced in conducting audits and performing other food safety services in all segments of the industry. NSF-Cook & Thurber provides Process-Based Food Safety and Quality Audits. These independent evaluations determine that manufacturers have appropriately designed systems that are being operated under continual control to assure product safety, quality, and consistency.
  • Culinary Art’s Specialties welcomes customer inspections and audits of the facility. Please contact our Quality Control Manager (see "contact us" page) for inquiries about such visits.